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Angband Variant
Developer R. Dan Henry, previously Joseph William Dixon
Based on ZAngband 2.1.1c
Theme Fantasy
Released 24th Nov 2000
Updated 2.3.2, on 20 January 2010
Download Source, DOS, Windows

Official site

When Joseph William Dixon first created this variant, he named it after his screen name of "Gumby". R. Dan Henry is now maintainer and the name now officially stands for "Gods Upsetting the Multiverse Angband".

Gumband's primary feature is that it is set in the Multiverse of Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion sword and sorcery tales, the best known of which is the saga of Elric. This is not to say that there are no changes to the rules of play -- there are plenty and more on the way -- but the central theme of development now is improving the "Multiverseness" of it. So far, updates have come based on the tales of Hawkmoon (seven books over two series), Corum (six books over two series), John Daker (three books), Kane of Old Mars (three books) and The Ice Schooner. There are already some elements from the Elric books, but these have not yet been covered by R. Dan Henry's revisions. Setting element revisions have included monsters, items (especially artifacts), player races, and flavor text.

Unlike most *bands, Gumband has three quest monsters one must defeat in order to win. These are Arioch, Xiombarg, and Mabelrode the Faceless, powerful Lords of Chaos collectively known as the Sword Rulers. Other unusual features include several variants of the non-spell-casting Warrior in the form of specialists (Archers and Weaponmasters) and warrior-summoners (Beastmasters) whose only power is summoning allies, and the expansion and modification of mutations into a unique treatment.