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About the Review

The game played was The Jungle module of H-World 0.2.2.


I played The Jungle for the first time, and managed to ascend. Thus:

YAAP: H-World/The Jungle 0.2.2

I killed the Skeleton Captain by first taking out his minions one at a time & healing, then, using the Shattering Light War Hammer one of his minions dropped, charged him.


Shattering light war hammer, +19 impact!! Lantern Steel Helm Traders bag. Containing a backpack and a chest. The chest containing yet another chest. And my hinderance was 21 :> Bronze Amulet Battlesome Torso Plate (+1 hp) Glowing Sheild (+1 light) Expedition Belt Leather Pants Leather Boots

Score: 5252

As the skills were recently added, I'll list those. Hopefully this will help with balancing the distribution property.

Cool Things

Bump doorposts to close doors is clever! I'm all for reducing as many actions as possible into bumps.

I like the barter based trade! I found myself carrying a chest of torches in order to be always able to make exact change, though :> Maybe if it didn't give you the exact numbers of what they think it is worth? Way too little, almost enough, too much, etc. And the items also thus said: "Estimated value: Little, Expensive, Kings Ransom"? As a min-maxer, it just hurts to see the 15 gold I lose as I didn't have enough torches :>

I like the instant-pop-up on mouse hover. I also like the fun item descriptions!


The problems found in this review have since been fixed.