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Hydra is reptilian creature sporting many serpentine heads. Despite possessing many brains this monster is not very intelligent. It is dangerous because it can strike with all heads at once making it unlikely poor hero it is fighting will get unscathed.

Hydra in roguelikes

  • ADOM: Member of 'F'antastic beast family is just a fancy monster. No exceptional mechanics involved.
  • Angband: 'M'ulti-headed hydras get attacks appropriate for number of heads. May have breath attacks.
  • Crawl: Heads can be cut but usually two new grow back in place. Additionally the hydra may target another monster if in a round it managed to slay a target without using up all its attacks. Rips through a crowd of small weak enemies like a chainsaw.
  • Hydra Slayer: These monsters are main antiheroes of this game and as such are modeled with great depth.