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IRDC 2008 used roguebasin as a tool to coordinate the meeting. This page is kept for historical purposes.


  • Fon: Get cellphone numbers for better communication in town, maybe buy prepaid SIMs
  • Goals: Define some goals. (Code, Docs, Fun, Learning.)
  • Map: Get short URLs for location
  • Map: Accomodation (where is everyone staying?)

= Food for Thought :
Welcome to text-only Counterstrike.
You are in a dark, outdoor map.
You have been pwned by a grue.

Comment by the author of the cartoon:

I'm sure a discussion of the reason for the disappearance
of adventure games in favor of RPGs would be fascinating.

Discuss! ;-)


Summary: Communication is mostly done by chat, some by private email, and via this wiki page.


IRC: QuakeNet #rgrd



Wiki: (you are here :-)


Live presentations should aim at about 20 minutes each with 10 minutes for discussion. Paper versions of the presentations can also be produced at an exapanded size for inclusion in the proceedings.

  • "Stealth and Facing in Roguelikes" -- Ido Yehieli (aka Joe6pack)
  • "Batteries included - introduction to writing your game in Python" -- Radomir Dopieralski (aka The Sheep)
  • "Context and Meaning in character based roleplaying. A communication scientist's view on roguelikes" -- Mario Donick
  • "The Discretization of Space and Time: Role in Roguelike Design" -- JeffLait

All presentations are available on YouTube:


please enter the dates of your presence, your name and origin (point of departure), and possibly some contact info (email address, irc nick, icq number, cellphone number!).

a bold face means "todo" - or "to decide". to confirm your presence simply change the bold face on the dates by changing the exclamation mark '!' to a pipe '|' - thankyou!


Sep18 Thu Sep19 Fri Sep20 Sat Sep21 Sun Sep22 Mon Sep23 Tue

please add an email address so broadcasts are possible! where exactly are you guys staying in berlin? these info would make it easier in looking for a suitable place for the convention. adding a phone number will certainly make it easier to stay in touch with each other. more info, guys!

Participants - sorted by last name.

18 19 20 21 22 23 Name Origin Remark
18? 19 20 21 22? 23? Brandt - Christopher Brandt Germany Will have a place to stay (or maybe even my own flat)
--- --- 20 21 --- --- Donick - Mario Donick Rostock, Germany don't need a hotel; sleep at my mother near Berlin
--- 19 20 21 --- --- Dopieralski, Radomir User:Sheep Pozna????, Poland got a place to crash already
--- 19? 20 21 22? --- Dorn, Andreas - Germany partially live in Berlin
18 19 20 21 22 23 Hartmann, Chris - Germany Berlin, invited you to bootlab
--- 19 20 21 22 --- Ido - ido -, +43-664-5585708 Vienna, Austria. Staying at "the circus" hostel in Berlin Mitte.
18? 19? 20? 21? 22? 23? Kisielewicz - Kornel Kisielewicz Poland Won't be coming this year.
--- 19 20 21 22 23 Lait - Jeff Lait until Tue! Canada Found a place a few subway stops away.
--- 19 20 21 22 23? Milesss - Milesss - milesss at interia dot pl, (+48)791461054 Poland staying at hostel


Who takes care of what?

Hardware File Server who?
Hardware Video Camera Jeff Lait
Misc Batteries who?
Misc Cables who?
Misc Power Extensions Radomir Dopieralski
Misc USB Sticks Radomir Dopieralski
Net Access Point Chris?
Net Internet Chris?
Net Hubs+Switches Chris?


Oranienburger Strasse 54, 10117 Berlin (Mitte)
The entrance to the very left, opposite to Amrit restaurant (google maps)

The bootlab is part of the 'Kunsthaus Tacheles':

Public Transport (BVG):

BVG Local Map
direct: Tram:   M1+M6     U-Oranienburger Tor
direct: UBahn:  U6 (N6)   U-Oranienburger Tor
  near: Bus:    147       Friedrichstrasse/Reinhardtstrasse
        Bus:    240       Torstrasse/ U-Oranienburger Tor
        Sbahn:  S1+S2+S25 S-Oranienburger Strasse


Status: [2008-08-14 All votes have been completed.

Vote#1: Place:

Status: done.  Berlin, Germany!

To vote add a your name next to the city/month and update the counter. City:

  • Berlin, Germany (9 votes): ido, RotateMe, Kisielewicz, JeffLait, the_ru, Radomir Dopieralski, purestrain, I_Own_The_Letter_O, Mario Donick
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA (2 votes): njerpe, Almafeta
  • Cracow, Poland (1 vote): Jakub Debski
  • Stockholm, Sweden(1 vote): Bj????rn Ritzl
  • Santiago de Compostela, Spain (1 vote): Mingos


  • September 2008 (6 votes): Almafeta, Bj????rn, Mario Donick, Mingos, ido, the ru
  • October 2008 (2 vote): RotateMe, purestrain

Vote#2: Date: Sat Sep20

Status: done.  Sep20!

To vote add a your name next to the date of the first day and update the counter:

  • Saturday, September 6
  • Saturday, September 13
  • Saturday, September 20 (3 votes): ido, the ru, Mario Donick
  • Saturday, September 27
  • Saturday, October 4

Vote#3: Venue: bootlab

Status: [2008-08-14] bootlab!

Thanks Gregoa, Chris & Sven! (also: Bfoo, Bine, Ric and the others)

Vote#4: Name: IRDC

Status: done. IRDC 2008!
  • [1] IRDC 2008 (3 votes): ido, Jeff Lait, Mario Donick
  • [2] TRICoRD (0 votes):
  • [3] SARGE (0 votes):
  • [4] AMPHORA (0 votes):
  • [5] DUPRE (0 votes):

Meaning (expansion of acronyms):

  • [1] IRDC = International Roguelike Development Conference 2008
  • [2] TRICoRD = Tailoring Roguelikes: International Conference on Roguelike Development
  • [3] SARGE = Society for the Advancement of Roguelike Games and Endeavors
  • [4] AMPHORA = A Multinational Populace Helping to Orchestrate Roguelike Awareness
  • [5] DUPRE = Developer's Union for the Promotion of Roguelike Endeavors

Drinks: Add Your Desired Beverage(s)

  • Mineral water (plain and soda)
  • Various soft drinks
  • Coffee (filter)
  • Tea (black, green)
  • Beer (Berliner Pilsner)