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Beta Project
Developer Xan
Theme Classic
Influences ADOM, JADE, Incursion, Ragnarok, ToME
Released 7/02/2011
Updated 5/12/2017
Licensing closed source
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII, Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length ~2 hours
[ Official site of Numenfall]


The game draws the most influence from ADOM, but it will go far beyond that. The world will be randomly generated, continents, dungeons, towns, cities, etc. There will be a single over-arching theme to the game, but there will also be random quests, as well as a selection of preset quests that will appear in some or all games. The idea is to take the great ideas of ADOM and other roguelikes and remove their limitations while improving upon them. Rather than the world and quests being completely static (and limited), they will be as dynamic as possible while still retaining their meaning and feel.

A lot of the mechanics will differ from ADOM, of course, but in the end it aims to be in the spirit of ADOM (and its predecessors), without limitations and with maximum re-playability.


Prerelease downloads

Graphical tiles are no longer currently fully supported. Current tileset graphics are placeholders and will eventually be replaced with consistent and thematic art.

How to report a crash: Check 'kernel.log' in the game directory for any error information.

Changelog for 0.4.0

Note that save-file compatibility is not guaranteed between versions, and attempting to load cross-version will most likely result in the program crashing or other bugs.

  • New features:
  • Implement wands properly
  • Implement gems
  • Implement smithing
  • Add spell type mastery talents
  • Add new encounters
  • Add new artifact
  • Interface changes:
  • Add recent activity log to Tower tab
  • ASCII UI now shows hp bars, and also changed markers for self and ally
  • Improve final death message for high score entries
  • Add spellpower to character sheet
  • Standardize some descriptions
  • Added more tutorial messages
  • Artifacts now show their effects in the standard format
  • NPCs that can join you now show potential benefits before you accept the offer to join
  • Conservatory grow option now shows colored tiers
  • Gameplay changes:
  • Decrease base vision range to 80% of previous value
  • Increased the number of voronoi points used in generating the overworld
  • Decrease global overworld movement cost multiplier to 100 from 200
  • Increase foraging bonus overworld movement speed to 100% from 20%
  • Allow healing buffs to stack
  • Increase raw mana torrent cone width from 30 to 60 degrees
  • Arcanist initial wand slots from 3 to 1
  • Multiple item modifiers on a single item now won't almost always match tiers
  • Greatly reduced flat damage reduction from items
  • Reworked spellbooks, now learning spells does not take talent points, but you are limited in how many you can know at once
  • Throwing an item now takes a standard turn (previously 120% of a turn)
  • Tiles can no longer be blocked by piles of items
  • Armor pool now absorbs a base of 60%, can be increased by modifiers
  • Rework and add some item modifiers
  • Added differentiation between actions that require mobility and those that don't
  • Swapping places with an ally now takes a standard turn (previously 150% of a turn)
  • Reduced the monetary value of materials
  • Reduced the impact of character level on maximum magical saturation/imbalance
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed a bug where the information pane would have the wrong title
  • Fixed a bug where you would gain 1 gold coin per week from a non-existent mine
  • Fixed a bug where allies could take loot
  • Fixed a bug that prevented missile weapons from receiving item modifier effects
  • Fixed pricing of variable item modifiers
  • Fixed a bug where incompatible modifiers would be applied to an item
  • Fixed a bug with modifiers unstable sort
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to get over 100% magical imbalance
  • Fix bug with finding memorable features to goto
  • Fix bug with selecting multiple items
  • Fix spell icons not being dimmed when unavailable on overworld
  • Fix talent info display for particular talents
  • Fixed a bug with NPCs not being allowed to level talents over rank 1


Currently implemented features:

  • Quests and dialogue
  • Basic alchemy
  • Autoexplore and goto
  • Basic magic/spell system
  • Score keeping, and high score list
  • Shops
  • Basic settlements and cities
  • Field of view and light sources
  • Random world generation
  • A small selection of items and monsters
  • Several dungeon environments
  • Character backgrounds
  • Character generation
  • Basic melee and missile combat
  • Basic weapon skills and a few non-combat skills, with a basic training framework
  • Activatable items, skills, and powers
  • Languages: The more advanced races speak a common tongue, but each race generally has its own specific language as well
  • Factions and territories, e.g., goblins in their own territory might attack creatures they would not mind in other places
  • Multiple damage types
  • Natural weapons and special effects (e.g., rats can transmit disease through their bite)
  • Monsters are the same type of game entity as the player, and wield weapons, use items, etc.
  • Random item generation
  • Extremely extensible property-driven event system
  • Advanced and descriptive messages with dynamic grammar system
  • Various senses (sight, hearing, etc.) for different perceivable things
  • Time of day, i.e., day/night cycle with varying visibility
  • Saving/Loading
  • Abstract goal-based AI for monsters and NPCs and dungeon generation
  • Various dungeon features (doors, decorations, etc.)
  • Materials and qualities for items
  • Many state modifiers (poison, diseases, bleeding, etc.)
  • Many types of terrain
  • Weather patterns
  • Customizable interface and keybindings
  • Item containers

Planned features:

  • Races
  • Monster and item descriptions, memory
  • Hundreds of items and creatures
  • Many different locations, dungeons, complexes, etc.
  • Diverse effects for different weapon types and styles
  • Many, many skills
  • Random quests, and not just basic things like "Go and Find X of Y", "Kill X of Y", etc.
  • Multiple game modules (i.e., the engine supports loading different modules; the main game is one of these.)
  • ...and more...

Possibly future features:

  • Inter-game interaction