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Angband Variant
Developer MAngband Project Team
Based on Angband
Theme Fantasy
Released 20th April 1997 (0.1.4)
Updated 27th May 2016 (1.1.3)
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Adapting Angband for multiplayer forced many changes.

  • The game is no longer turn-based. Time to think is limited. Fortunately your character automatically fights nearby enemies and all you need to do is approach them. This way game is playable even with a bit of lag.
  • Last stage of character generation is selection of six basic stats in preferred order.
  • Players can buy homes and establish stores. Others may visit and make purchases.
  • Standard home (shop 8) works like an enclosed room rather than a interactive list of items.
  • A dungeon at certain depth is persistent as long as at least one player sits on this level ensuring that players can meet and fight together, rescue others but this still allows for level scumming.
  • Events like attaining a character level or killing an unique are reported on chat.
  • Death is treated differently. Slain players change into ghosts and prevent level where they have been defeated from being deallocated. They may ask for another player to come and read scroll of Life near them or decide to float up to town and get resurrected in the temple but lose all items.
  • Getting your ghost killed means permadeath - the character is deleted and you need to create a new one.
  • Equipment status is replaced by lag-meter.