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Michał Bieliński
Alias User:Ancient
Projects none
Nationality Polish
P. Languages Favorite: D. Known: too many.
[ Official site of Michał Bieliński]

About my projects:


I joined this effort in late October 2011. Unlike Evolution the game is not suffering from architecture astronaut problems and its development progresses very well. Most time spent programming is devoted to improving this variant of ZapM.


I wanted to try this game very much. To my surprise the source code was in Pascal, a very portable language. With some work I managed to port it and finally could play it. There are no plans to develop BOSS further.


Development started in 2006 during vacation. It reached 0.0.5 but my experience in programming proved insufficient to continue this project. I still have binaries on my disk so if anyone wishes to try the game for any reason just drop me a line. Evolution is vaporware nowadays since the only release has been lost and the game is abandoned.

Character log

He is alive.
He is not as active contributor to RogueBasin.
He is reviewer for Temple of the Roguelike.
He was the last maintainer of Actively Developing Roguelikes list.
He develops PRIME.

Attempted the 7DRL Contest 2006 and failed.
Attempted the Orange October Minigun 7DRL Contest 2006 and failed.
Attempted the 7DRL Contest 2007 and failed.
Attempted the 7DRL Contest 2009 and failed.
Resurrected BOSS in seven days and presented it on 2010 ARRP.

(You can contact me at: michal at kast dot net dot pl)