Modern Dungeon Exploration

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This is a heavily edited compilation of information extracted from the rgrd thread entitled, "Modern Dungeon Exploration". It was started by The Sheep, and the concept evolved as other rgrd regulars added their ideas and input.


Spy satellites have recently detected a large underground network of WW2 bunkers and fortifications. The bunkers were so well hidden, that nobody has ever found them before. Due to poor national relations, we have been denied access to investigate the bunkers. Because secrecy and stealth are of the highest importance, this must be a solo mission. To avoid detection, our Spec Ops unit must carry all necessary equipment with him; anything not necessary to survival must be left behind.

The bunkers are supposed to be an underground laboratory and weapon factory. Somewhere on the lowest levels there are supposed to be the blueprints of the 'wunderwaffe', a technologically advanced weapon that was never used. Those blueprints are considered vital to the safety of our nation, and the world at large. It is vital to retrieve those plans, and to keep the contents of those plans top secret. Unfortunately, due to a security leak, a few other countries also suspect the existence of the laboratory, however, the location is still a secret.

The sattelite scans confirm the existence of various life forms in the bunkers. Among common pests, we have detected human presence. These humans may be descendants of the guards, living in the facility, still unaware that the war has been over for decades. We have also detected some unusual signs of life. Intelligence has reported that there may have been biological experimentation done during the war, and the products of these experiments may still be alive in the underground facility today. Nothing is known about these mutants, so extreme caution is advised.

Once our Spec Ops unit enters the bunkers, he cannot leave until the blueprints are recovered, otherwise, enemy spy sattelites may spot him, and intercept. Good luck.


Possible equipment to bring:

  • A knife
  • A small pistol, with two clips of ammo, and a silencer
  • Food rations, at least enough for a few days
  • Water rations, at least enough for a few days
  • Night vision goggles
  • Sleeping bag
  • Flashlight
  • Rope and grappling hook
  • Spy camera
  • Radio transmitter/receiever (tranceiver)
  • A PDA
  • A set of tools
  • A GPS monitor
  • A taser stun gun
  • A set of precission low power plastic explosives