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Projects Space grunts, Something Dark, Heroes of Loot 2
Games Space grunts, Heroes of Loot
Nationality Dutch
P. Languages Java, html5
Official site of Orangepixel


A Dutch one-man studio creating indie games full-time since 2004. With roots in arcade and action games, now trying it's hands on the turn-based and specifically roguelike genre.


  • Space grunts - Sci-fi roguelike mixing action with turn-based in a unique blend
  • Heroes of Loot - A throwback to the original 80's Gauntlet style of dungeon-crawling

Roguelikes in the works

  • Space grunts - Currently in Early Access, release planned for January 2016
  • Something dark - a survival roguelike


Check, or for the personal/technical account: You can also send mail to " support - at - orangepixel .net"