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This is spoiler for aliens in PRIME roguelike. It is up to date for version 2.1d.


Aliens are among most dangerous creatures in PRIME. Each subtype except facehugger and alien egg will splash surrounding eight tiles for some corrosive damage. Ordinarily it is 2-12 points but alien queens cause 12-24 points. This may damage worn equipment of those standing in radius. Aliens do not regenerate so hitting them a few times and retreating upstairs to heal is viable tactic. They are resistant to corrosive attacks and somewhat resistant to radiation.

The blood splash has 25% chances to fill ordinary pits with acid. If an alien dies while being stuck in a pit filling the latter with acid is guaranteed.

Alien nests

Nest rooms may appear in levels 7 and below of Space Base.

From level 8 and below Alien Warriors may appear. The chance to create a warrior is 12.5% for each square not assigned to egg or queen.

From level 13 and below the nest will contain exactly one Alien Queen.


If you are not impregnated already each attack of facehugger has 33% chance of succeeding. This kills the facehugger without giving your experience. The juvenile alien is not counted in your kill list either.

Facehuggers typically have under ten hit points.


When you become impregnated you have around four hundred turns before the alien embryo inside you matures enough to wake up and devour your flesh from inside.

  • After one hundred turns you will "feel a little queasy".
  • After two hundred turns you will "feel something moving inside you".
  • After three hundred and a half you will vomit and become sickened for next one hundred turns.
  • Thirty turns later you will become violently ill and get stunned for thirty five turns.
  • Another thirty turns pass and the alien matures fully. It explodes from your chest and a split second before your death you can see whether it is a chestburster or alien princess.

Remedies for impregnation:

  • Drinking a canister containing unhealthy liquid:
    • universal solvent
    • plasma
    • napalm
    • liquid nitrogen
    • poison (unless wearing green chaos power armor)
    • Bouncy Bubbly Beverage (33% chance)
  • Quaffing from a vat and getting poison or Bouncy Bubbly Beverage effect.
  • Drinking acid from an acid pit.
  • Paying docbot for cessarean section operation. Only way to save yourself from certain death without killing your "baby".

Abortion is a kill and therefore grants you experience equal to defeating a facehugger. An alien embryo will be listed in your kill list.

Parental gambit

This is least known way of avoiding death by aliens residing in a nest. It is also rarely practical. If you are impregnated any alien that is at its maximum hit points will approach you but refrain from hurting you. Be aware that if any of warriors following you is wounded in any way (even a stray shot that was meant for you) will start fighting you. Make a dash for stairs or try your escape devices with bought time.