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This is spoiler for bionic implants in PRIME. It is valid for version 2.4a.

Implant list

Ability boosters

  • Adrenaline generator: Modifies strength.
  • Myfilament hypertensor: Modifies constitution. This does not affect hit points making this implant weak in 2.4a.
  • Motoric coordinator: Modifies dexterity.
  • Reflex coordinator: Modifies agility. Good way of getting extra speed.
  • Cerebral coprocessor: Modifies intelligence. Very useful for those attempting hacking.

In this group most desirable boosters are probably to agility, strength for melee or burdened characters and possibly dexterity for those using medium guns or pistols. Intelligence boosters are best used situationally.

Bugginess has no impact on how those work.


  • Repair skillsoft
  • LockPick skillsoft
  • Search skillsoft
  • Spot skillsoft: Besides increasing spot skill it can be applied to make a spot check at the current place. Uses one non-replaceable charge.

Those improve (if not buggy) skill matching their name. Spot skillsoft is basically the only one you want to have installed the whole time. First two could be swapped on demand. Search skillsoft only saves you a little searching time so it is close to useless.

Optimize them to maximize skill gains.


  • Babel fish: Grants translation. Is the only type to occupy ear slot.
  • Torc: Telepathy in an item. Is the only type to occupy neck slot. Ranking is: gold, silver, gray. These improve by standard debugging. Heightens incoming psychic damage from higher torc wearers and blocks from lower torc wearers. In practice this rarely comes into effect because torcs are uncommon. Also, a silver or better torc has small chance of unlocking a mutation the first time it is worn.
  • Tissue regenerator: Grants regeneration intrinsic. This does not stack.
  • Poison resistor: Nullifies most poisons. Really nice.
  • Radiation processor: Periodically removes some radiation from you. Almost as good as radiation suit for Gamma Caves trek. Multiples do stack and buggy processors still work, just not as good.
  • Psionic amplifier: Changes psionic aura depending on its enhancement level. Each aura point changes mutant power use chance by 5% points.
  • Health monitor: Colors your hit points and gives a warning in log whenever you are near death. Essentially an UI enhancement up to this point. May be also applied to give radiation intake, unless it is buggy.
  • Glory device: Goes boom on wearer's death or when applied with confirmation. Of course this kills you because when you use it your brain is vaporized. Multiple glory devices stack making the explosion larger and more powerful. Five can annihilate 90% of game level area.
  • Narcoleptor: Will make you fall asleep at random times. Get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • Excruciator: Many attribute penalties for immunity to mind blasts (attackers get backlash) and resistance to psychic attacks.
  • Warp stabilizer: Modifies the chance of successfully controlling a transport by its bugginess and enhancement values.
  • Ungooma: This is a parasite that feeds on your intelligence. If you have five of them (or four and current intelligence less than ten) they may take over your body, ending the game. They also breed to your other free implant slots so if you installed one by mistake or by taking a risk it is good to fill your lobes with useless implants. They also improve their status over time. They die on taking a mind blast attack. For a character who has little implants it might be good strategy to breed them as living shields for assaulting brain molds or reverend mothers.
  • The eye of the BOFH: Gained after defeating the BOFH it grants night vision and allows passage through retina scanner. Since it occupies its own unique slot you may as well install it.
  • Shock capacitor: Converts electrical damage into charges so that your other implants are protected from jolting. When using up some energy those charges get used first.
  • Mecha dendrites: Will only fit in cerebellum and requires you to wear non-sealed helmet. Grants minor bugginess dependable bonuses to repair, lock pick and hacking provided you have at least one skill point placed in respective skill. Can act as repair tool and lock pick.

Identifying implants

Besides the identify disk and usage testing there is an additional method. Drop implants into a sludge vat to see what happens. Some implants will get identified, some will not. Other will provide clues or get affected. Beware: radiation processor explodes! More information should be available in vat spoiler.

You can also try price identification. Skillsofts cost 200 BZ, attribute modifiers 300 BZ but they are not the only ones to have this price. Most other implants cost 400 BZ.

Removing implants

  • Debugging makes implant removable. Ungooma still resist though.
  • Electrical damage makes implants jolt out.
    • Have that Yautja take a hit from grid bug to free his starting glory device.
    • Vats can give electroshock effect,
  • Docbots can perform implant removal service (you get to choose which to take out unless confused).
  • MiGo can also remove implants in front of head but beware their final strike after incision warning is given.
  • Ungooma may be killed with mind blasts. Either yours or from a monster.