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Angband Variant
Developer Variaz
Based on NewAngband 1.7.1
Theme Fantasy
Released 5 Apr 2007 (0.1)
Updated 1 Jan 2012 (0.5 alpha 2.3)
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Portralis is a variant of Angband, although because of its RPG approach and massive gameplay changes, it can hardly be considered a true "band" anymore. Originally named NewAngband, it has become so different that on the First of January 2007, is was renamed to Portralis. The latest version of NewAngband, 1.7.1, was based on PernAngband 4.0.9, an old version of ToME.

Portralis aims to become more like an RPG game, including a large and developed world, dialogs with NPCs, very rich and customizable character development, and various elaborated quests. However, the dungeons are still true to the roguelike genre, featuring random dungeons, items and monsters.

Portralis features a unique character development system. The player-character's attributes are customizable upon level up through the use of skill points and ability points, and the basic attributes can also be raised. Unlike vanilla Angband, the maximum level in Portralis is 100 instead of 50. The game offers a multi-class system. The player starts the game as an Apprentice, but then chooses one of several basic classes. Each class has 10 abilities, which the player can increase at each level up through ability points. When the player has reached a higher class level, he or she can then change to another class, or gain higher-level abilities not available at lower class levels. Players can change classes as many times as they want, and when their attributes and skills are high enough, advanced classes become available, offering new abilities.

Portralis features 10 playable races, including the Devlings and Zulgors which are original to Portralis. Also available is the Monster race, which allows players to play as any of the monsters of the dungeons. The game world features an entirely original story, with dialogs where the player can make choices and affect the outcome of quests.

Almost all features of Portralis are highly customizable. Monsters in Portralis are defined with stats and skills, and all their attacks and spells are fully customizable through the libraries. Portralis, like some other variants such as ToME, implements Lua, and players can give monsters scripted attacks, or can create complex scripted events. Players can also create their own skills and classes, along with all their related abilities, which can be coded in Lua script files. Other gameplay mechanics such as melee combat and bonuses given by skills and stats can also be changed through Lua scripting.

Although the game world is far from finished in the current release, the game itself is fully playable, and all features mentioned above are fully implemented. Players can currently complete the first chapter of the game, which provides several hours of gameplay. More details on the features of Portralis can be found on the official Portralis forum.


  • As of August 2023, the link to the executable at the main website is broken; it's recommended to download the copy from ArchiveRL.
  • The game may have problems running if there are special characters on its directory path; it's recommended to rename it to just "Portralis"