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Angband Variant
Developer Alexander Ulyanov

Graham 'Avenger' Philips

Based on Angband 3.0.3
Theme Fantasy
Released Mar 6 2004 (0.1.0)
Updated Jan 23 2006 (0.9.9A1)
Download Official, Mirror

Official site

PosBand is an Angband variant which allows you to posess monsters.

It should be noted that version 3 is more stable than version 9, though the latter has more features.

Monsters can have varying number of body slots. For example dragons, centipedes and ants can wear up to six rings (worms up to four), frogs and spiders may wear two pairs of boots. Hydrae are not as good as it would seem. Having at least five heads grants second amulet and helm slot, having at least nine grants third amulet and helm slot. Demons like Glabrezu, Hezrou or Nalfeshnee have two melee and ranged weapon slots. However, making ranged attack will prompt which launcher to use. Bile demon and marilith can use three melee weapons. The last one can wear only two rings. Ultimate killer is Horned Reaper with four (ow!) melee weapon slots.

Unfortunately great many monsters lack definition of body.

Other notable features

  • Many unique monsters have their own artifacts. There is slim chance of dropping one on death.
  • Each race has a king unique in game to defeat. Slaying one grants heroism, permament blessing and king's artifact.
  • New monsters: Torturers, Silver Wyrms and some more.
  • Summoning is limited by dungeon level. In town only townsmen can be summoned and to call ancient dragons you need to descend to at least DL 40.
  • Over 150 monster powers available.
  • If player race is not a posessor he/she is able to evolve. There may be up to six forms.


See also XAngband where the 'snatcher' class advances by possessing more powerful monsters.