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T-Engine is a stable engine

The T-Engine is the engine powering ToME starting from version 2.2.0 and onwards. The Engine was rewritten from scratch in mostly Lua for version 4.0.0. It now allows full-blown games that are completely separate from any of ToME's features, and engine parts are interchangeable with one's own code. The engine is both flexible and easy enough to use to allow games to be made in as little as an hour.

It has been split from the game itself and thus is already powerful enough to bear a full blown game. This comes at a cost, some things in the engine were still quite ToME specific, but that was all being fixed by the rewrite-from-scratch 4.0.0 version.

T-Engine features:

  • Lua scripted
  • Modules are completly script/data driven, no C code hacking
  • Allows modules and patchs to be added by simply unzipping a file in the right directory
  • ASCII, tiles, keyboard and mouse supported
  • Particle effects engine allows advanced graphical effects to be easily added, making even ASCII games prettier
  • The possibility to make a game as complex(and more) as ToME, thus all features just can not be listed here

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