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Wouldn't the inheritance tree look better like:


|  |
|  +-NetHack



Made the Official Development State entry be direct links to the relevant stages of development. Please edit the text of the direct links rather than inlining new prose here. (Ie, edit the Talkie Talkie page if you want to fix the words after the Talkie Talkie page)

I also moved the Major Roguelike and new Commercial Roguelike away from the state list. These tags are, I think, orthogonal to the development state. Ie, Diablo is both Stable games and commercial, and Nethack both Stable games and Major Roguelikes.

--JeffLait 19:46, 3 Apr 2006 (CEST)

Talkie Talkie strangely silent

The Talkie Talkie page redirects here, but there is no mention of the Talkie Talkie stage of development here. One of these things should be changed, but which?