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There are now some Angband variants that are programmed in C++, not C. Perhaps it's appropriate to add the 'language' line to the templates? (Although nearly all are still C, I suppose) PaulBlay

Suggested alternative colouring system for table.

  • Red = Defunct or Alpha
  • Yellow = Beta
  • Green = Stable

What do you think? PaulBlay

I would put alpha in yellow, with beta. Or it could be orange. Either way, they should be separate from defunct games. Nathan Stoddard 03:52, 31 March 2009 (CEST)
Some of those defunct games aren't as defunct as you might think, but that's another issue. OK I agree on separating them. Maybe ...
  • Red = Defunct
  • Alpha = Orange
  • Yellow = Beta
  • Green = Stable


(I'll have to see how icky it looks ;-) PaulBlay

Conclusion - it looks very icky. :-( I think a different method is in order. PaulBlay

Defunct games

For the purpose of this exercise I am counting as defunct games those that have had ceased development while in an unplayable state. Beta games are supposed to be mostly playable so I am not counting them as 'defunct' unless it is not possible to download / run them. PaulBlay

  • I'm not sure Alex Angband is really defunct.
  • Anime Angband is 'stable', but 0.6.0a looks more like a beta version number to me.


JDTAY: I'm thinking of making an Angband variant, but I wanna become a master of vanilla Angband first. I realize that with Angband's unlimited resources, all you have to do to win is be really patient, but I'm not really patient. Any tips?


JDTAY: Hmm... This isn't the most active page out there. I'll start a talkie talkie project page and see if that generates buzz.

unlisted variants at,,

These variants are at and not listed here. I do not have the time to add them right now. Of course, Pernband and PernMangband are now TOME and TomeNET, but the earlier versions were much different and had stuff removed. It would be worth putting some of that code into other variants not based on Pern, but maybe more like the Council of Wyrms AD&D rules... in the US, one cannot at all copyright game rules, so the code that was removed that had nothing to do with Pern is still useful.


Additionally, lists FAangband. I see even more on the 'ladder' page.

Also, Erik Inge Bols?'s roguelike genealogy site (mirror on The Internet Archive (IA, lists The Pits of Angband, which came before plain 'Angband', Terminal Angband, ZangbA, Mac-Enh Angband, and several Tk and ISO variants.--Darwin 05:24, 30 June 2012 (CEST)