The Roguemundi

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The Roguemundi was a roguelike map of the world, an atlas that contained both roguelike players and developers from all around the globe.

It was created and mantained by Slash, it was released to the public on June 2 2008.

It's currently not available, but there are plans to bring it back on 2016.


The original Roguelike World Map was a map of planet earth rendered as a discrete 200x102 ASCII map, on which several roguelike developers were located and links to their projects were supplied. It was created on July 26 2006, requests for addition had to be post at the Roguetemple forums and maintenance was manual and cumbersome. It was last updated on October 5 2006.

Afterwards, it was automatized and given life under a new name: The Roguemundi, it would however be taken down around 2010 in one of Slash's server movements.