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Thomas Biskup (TB) rocks. He's 33, tall, blonde, good looking German, and the ultimate example of a geek-with-a-life (evidenced by both job and girlfriend). [...]

ADOM is what TB is best known for. He's the sole creator and author of the popular roguelike game, which has gained him a level of notoriety amongst the internet community. He tells a story of starting a new job at university back in 2000. One of the more web-savvy members of staff did a Google check on TB's name, and came in looking rather dazed the next day after finding 30,000 pages.

From: Thomas Biskup

Thanks for the kind words. By now I'm 40, married and hopefully still somewhat good looking ;-) The job at univerity has grown into being one of three CEOs at [QuinScape], but I still love RPGs, ADOM and these days thrive on JADE, which finally has been released and now is being developed actively.