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An amateur programmer in China, a Touhou fan, currently reading all Tolkien's works.

Not really into playing rogue-likes (I do not play them more than four hours per month, but rogue-likes are the one of the only two kinds of game I play), but love rogue-likes because they:

  • generally offer great gameplay values
  • are quick to develop
  • are generally free and open sourced
  • allows me to almost completely slack off on graphics

My Works

Most my works are nothing related to rogue-likes (more about Touhou), check them at github via BakaBBQ

I participated in the 2015 7drl challenge. My entry is EienteiRL. (but I am not satisfied with it).


Since I will apply to college (in US) quite soon, I am willing to offer programming help (just to add to my cooperative experiences) to any kind of project, email me at for more info.