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Attention! The reason that these articles were not transferred to RogueBasin and are in danger of being lost for good is because the admins could not secure the author's permission for being transferred from the old site to the new one. IF YOU ARE AN AUTHOR: Please let me know on this page that you give your permission. If you do that, I can pull the articles from the archive pages and integrate them into the wiki.

List of authors who have given permission:

  * Steve Segreto (Permission Granted) N.B. My article is extremely dated by now and probably useless to most everybody

List of authors who have not given permission (alphabetical order by first name):

  * Adam Szczepaniak
  * Andrew Collins
  * Brian Bucklew
  * Brian Robinson
  * Christopher J Martens
  * Damian Bentley
  * Dana Larose
  * Darren Hebden
  * Erik_Inge_Bols???
  * Erno Tuomainen
  * Esa Ilari Vuokko
  * Gero Kunter
  * Gwidon S. Naskrent
  * Isaac Kuo
  * Jakub Debski
  * James Burton
  * Jim Babcock
  * Joseph Swing
  * Josh Tippets
  * Judy Wray
  * Jurriaan Kalkman
  * Kenneth Power
  * Kornel Anubis Kisielewicz
  * Matthias E. Giwer
  * Michael Blackney
  * Michael Heinich
  * Mike Anderson
  * Mixi Lauronen
  * Peter Farabaugh
  * R.Alan Monroe
  * Radomir 'The Sheep' Dopieralski
  * Rick Carson
  * Ross Morgan-Linial
  * Sean Middleditch
  * Simon McGregor
  * Steve Segreto
  * Stu George
  * Thomas Gilray
  * Unknown ( Direct Screen Output.txt )

Here is a list of articles from the old that I am trying to salvage:

Cannot Find:

  * Roguelike Step by Step Guide.txt
  * Recursive randomized world-map generation Phillip C. Culliton [].txt


  * Add a link to blah.tar.gz
  * add a link to for Random Name Generation Using Regular Expressions

Found Articles:

  * User:Duerig/Archive0
  * User:Duerig/Archive1
  * User:Duerig/Archive2
  * User:Duerig/Archive3
  * User:Duerig/Archive4
  * User:Duerig/Archive5
  * User:Duerig/Archive6
  * User:Duerig/Archive7
  * User:Duerig/Archive8
  * User:Duerig/Archive9