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Ivan Popov
Alias Elbin
Projects Artisan
Nationality Bulgarian
P. Languages Python
[ Official site of Ivan Popov]

I am a Molecular bioengineering student in Dresden, Germany, born in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have played ADOM and Cthangband a lot, and have also tried some others (Hack-like). The idea for my game - Artisan, came from my fascination with creating things (in games, and in general). It is my one and only game project. I do some changes on it from time to time, when there is time and I have the urge to do it. I am using Python (2.34 I think) to do it, which is the language I use in my studies. The greatest personal satisfaction for me would come if some one actually would play my game. I am planning to get it up on the internet these days and I hope I get some interest to it by adding it here.