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Creator of the 2011 7drl PM:theRL (needs to be re-released after i know what license the code of the RL-Python-Tutorial is, quite crappy, based on one lame joke)

Started with NetHack & Moria on my Amiga 1000 in 1992. Made a "hacked" version of Moria, hex-edited since i had no sourcecode. Played some variations i found on CD later. Played Pern, did hang around on the Pern-ML. Started a AnimeRL based on Pern, never released it IIRC. Did make a few (very small) contributions to Pern, did annoy some of the other readers of the ML till they did put it into the code. Was very sad when HaJ?¶ stopped Pern3D (or whatever it was called). Did infect quite some people i know with the NetHack illness.

Oh, and Wikipedian since 2003. Wikipedia, the biggest MMORPG in the WWW ;)