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Tom Higgins
Alias I_Own_The_Letter_O
Projects Roguescape:The Seventh Mask (In development)
Games none finished
Nationality English
P. Languages C++
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I am pretty much new to Roguelike Development (and Wiki editing so apols for any mistakes or poor formatting). I have two projects on the go currently.

1) Learn C++

2) Use C++ to make RogueScape

About Me

I'm in my mid-twenties and have been playing Roguelikes for several years. My favourites are ADOM, ToME and Ragnarok.

Learning C++

I wanted to make a Roguelike a few years back. The ill-fated project was called The Seventh Mask. I start to learn C++ to make the game but other projects interrupted (I also write, paint and make electronic music). I am now learning C++ again ready for RogueScape.

Update 2011: After just over two years and a lot of life changes I have started work on RogueScape again.

Atman Alpha 1: The Atmen Move

The Atmen Move is the first stage of making RogueScape. It currently features a team of player characters and a turn-based system, you move your little @men around an area called The Fenced Field, with blocking walls and lush grass. You can look at the grass, walls and your fellow team mates.

Current Tasks

    • Create the Atman Dungeon Developer** - A tool for creating the non-randomised dungeon layers.

Allow the party to travel between layers

Differentiate between the top-level 'wilderness' map where you travel as a joint party and the 'dungeon layers' where you travel as individual party members.

Field of Vision/Line of Sight

Next Task - Atman Alpha 2: The Atmen Explore - Interaction with the elements on the map, open/close door and digging, picking up items (lock-picks and shovels), save these to make layers persistant.

Atman Alpha 3: Atman Arena - Combat basics, experience, class trees, equipment and wear/wield, status effects.

Roguescape:The Seventh Mask

The first attempt at Seventh Mask was a little @man running around the screen, chased constantly by a goblin or kobold or something. The second attempt was a little @man running around a BSP-Dungeon or CA-Cave, opening/closing/finding/unlocking/kicking down doors. The third attempt was an short-lived attempt using libtcod.

The fourth and current attempt is using libtcod, along with more knowledge of C++ for faster coding (but still learning so loads of room for later optimisation).

The game is a Fantasy game of dungeon-delving and mega-baddies. The ancients evolved beyond the mortal shell and transcended to another realm. However they left behind some of their sacred technology, hidden in masks, to help the younger races. These masks sit in the sky, waiting for the time they are needed. As an ancient evil rises and the shattered kingdoms of a old empire stir towards war with one another the first mask returns to earth. A secret order who've carried the lore of the ancients into the modern day sends the Hero to collect this first mask and discover it's secrets. Raid ancient dungeons, explore ruined landscapes, unite an empire and defy an immortal as you rush to find the masks of the ancients.