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i am nydel, a roguelike enthusiast.

currently i am most interested in Tales of Maj'Eyal, and i got started playing rogue and nethack on my unix terminal back in the 1990s. i'm excited to have found roguebasin which seems like a great place to expand my horizons in the realm of...realms. i.e. i want to discover, play & contribute to more games.

my position on software is essentially that of GNU. i believe in the four software freedoms thus am almost exclusively interested in open source games.

although i dabble in many tools of the hackerings trade, my language of choice is commonlisp. recently i've also been using tcl/tk, through the wondrous commonlisp system :LTK, in order to build a beyond-the-terminal option for little games &or tools i throw together.

really i dislike most things beyond-the-terminal, but then there is stuff like roguebasin, gnusocial & the nownownow projects, all of which make me a bit more hopeful about the prospect that we might #takeBackTheInternet.

i'm a very involved member of the super dimensional fortress at sdf dot org, so you can figure out my homepage easily because it will be my username as a subdomain of my hostname. you can contact me here at roguebasin or via my favorite protocol ever, email, at the following domain which i've written backwards: gro.0xt.

please don't hesitate to message me even if you've even less to say than "i somehow ended up at roguebasin" or "i like rogue" or whatever; i think we (a specific 'we' that i can't quite define which is super g'yballs i know) should be using this internet thing to form networks of like-minded peoples who share interests that might veer away from the mainstream. i'd be very happy to make some friends/acquaintances here.

my birth occurred in 1985.