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Tamás Karsai
Alias Spidi
Projects Magic Item Tech - Games
Games I Am Overburdened, more on my website
Nationality Hungarian
P. Languages Professional: C Sharp, Cpp Hobbyist: Python, Perl, Java, Lua
Official site of Tamás Karsai

Hi, I’m Tamás Karsai (Spidi) a solo game developer forming "Magic Item Tech". I used to grind for magic items day and night, now I’m building games using technology fueled by them :) . Terminal craze: cats, game development, games, movies, toon & anime, comic books (in that order).


I Am Overburdened is a silly roguelike full of crazy artifacts and a “hero” who has 20 inventory slots (2017. Nov. 2.).

More on my website...


Open for questions, comments and critique. Feel free to contact me any time ;) !