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Hi there.

My name’s Dr Mark Johnson. I’m a Lecturer (Assistant Prof for you NA folks) at the University of Sydney where I research Twitch and esports and these sorts of things, but more relevantly to my presence here is the fact that I make ‘Ultima Ratio Regum’, a game best described as a procedurally-generated version of La-Mulana or The Outer Wilds set within a Dwarf-Fortress-Adventure-Mode-esque world. The focus is on procedurally generated riddles, clues and cryptic puzzles, all set within a sort of Scientific Revolution era world (no fantasy elements). I've been making this since I started my PhD in 2011, and I'm currently working on 0.11 which will (finally!) have a core win condition.

I have a game development blog which I update around once a month (with very large updates) and will tell you far more information than this page :).