Void Sanctum

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Void Sanctum
Developer Paal Trefall & Alan Charlesworth
Influences Roguelike Radio, The Single Hit Point Model
Released 16. March 2015
Updated none
P. Language Unity5 / C#
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Web
Interface Keyboard + Mouse
Game Length 15-30 minutes

7DRL 2015 Entry

Void Sanctum, SUCCESS

Void Sanctum is a fantasy roguelike featuring a highly descriptive MUD-inspired style. Many planned mechanics, such as fully realised armour and weapons, didn’t make it in due to time constraints but the game is playable and loseable (hey, it's a roguelike) with several locations and dungeons to explore.


Version 7DRL Bugfix Patch (1.01)

itchio download - Windows / Mac OSX / Linux

Version 7DRL (1.0)

itchio download - Windows (Disclaimer: This pack hasn't yet been optimized sizewise, so the download is fairly big (~433mb))



The Indie Ocean 7DRL 15 Playlist



7DRL-success-shot-1.png 7DRL-success-shot-2.png jbeO9vu0XkLNoE.png jKt8Z9JZP73Zv.png


Made by Pal Trefall and Alan Charlesworth.

Known Issues

  • Have to unequip weapon and equip the next one to make abilities in the action bar appear correctly.
  • Action bar abilities doesn't actually do anything (didn't have time).
  • Armor doesn't actually do anything (didn't have time).
  • Spellbook doesn't actually do anything (didn't have time).
  • Running Void Sanctum on Mac OSX will require you to allow the game to run for "Unidentified Developer".
  • When running other resolutions than 1920x1080, the UI is not rendered correctly (Note that Unity will simulate this resolution correctly for you, even if your screen doesn't support it).