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At its core, Voxel Heroes is a voxel-based roguelike. If you've never heard the term before, a roguelike is an RPG (Role Playing Game) that features randomly generated levels, turn-based movement (you take a move then, immediately after, all the monsters in the vicinity take a move) and permadeath (If you die, you stay dead and need to start over).

Eventually, Voxel Heroes will feature a camera that can be zoomed, rotated and panned freely. The player moves around the randomly generated world and kills monsters, collects gear, treasure and items and gains levels. Every monster kill grants the player experience which, if enough is gathered, will allow the player to reach the next level, making him stronger. Somewhere in every dungeon the player will find a staircase leading lower into the earth where more powerful monsters and more valuable treasure await your adventurer.

Gear that is found in the dungeon can be worn and provides stats that provides him with useful bonuses to his damage, mitigation and more. Gear also comes in different qualities. The quality is indicated by the color of the item name and the more powerful the item, the more rare it will be.

Everything in Voxel Heroes is randomly generated, the layout and look (colors and theme) of the dungeon, the monsters, the items, everything! This means you will never have the same experience twice. Each playthrough is something unique.

Voxel Heroes aims to break free of some of the set-in-stone rules of a roguelike. When you obtain a particularly powerful item, you can 'unlock' that item once you get to a town (Towns are generated every few levels). When an item is unlocked, the item will appear in the storage room of the Voxel University, the school of heroes. When a new character is created, he can use some of the equipment that his classmates has provided, making him stronger than your average player and ultimately leading to him being able to venture even deeper into the dungeons.