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Something you hurt monsters with. Types include melee weapons such as swords and ranged weapons such as crossbows. Weapons are usually divided into different types, like "axes" or "maces&flails". There is often a skill for each weapon type.

Weapons usually carry an enchantment, called a "plus", which modifies a weapon's damage and/or accuracy. Some games (like Crawl) have two different pluses, one for accuracy and one for damage. There are almost always ways of magically increasing a weapon's plus.

Some games have artifact weapons that carry magical powers.

Qualities weapons may have include (as usual, this list carries a caution against using all items on the list at once):

  • damage done
    • amount
    • type
  • ease of use
    • modifier to skill check
    • modifier to learning cost/rate
    • modifier to chance of weapon fumble
    • different stat requirements to use properly
  • chance of critical hit
  • type of critical hit
  • parrying modifier
  • armor-damaging modifier
  • penetrate/ignore armor modifier
  • range or reach
  • attack speed (time taken by attack)
  • recovery time (time before next attack is possible, usually

short/nil, but crossbows require long recovery) - "recover weapon" as action?

  • readying time (time to deploy weapon from unready state, long

for stringing bow, short for drawing sword, can be reduced with skill)

  • exhaustion modifier
  • recoil (penalty to next shot if not recovered?)
  • breakage/jamming/fumbling stats
  • minimal strength/agility
  • required height to use
  • required space to use
  • one or two handed
  • market value
  • cultural availability (including arms control laws)
  • cultural significance
  • ammunition type used
  • ammunition capacity
  • weight
  • balance (quality as thrown weapon)
  • appearance (plain, fancy, strange designs)
  • tech level
  • material(s)
  • special features
    • enchantments
    • "smart" weapons
    • scopes
    • silencer
  • concealability