Witherwyn: Adventures in the Infinite Realm

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Alpha Project
Developer John Shedletsky
Theme Fantasy
Released 2005 Aug 20
Updated 2005 Sep 06
Licensing Free for non-commercial use
P. Language C#
Platforms .Net
Interface Graphical tiles, mouse
Game Length
Official site of Witherwyn



Witherwyn is a roguelike in the early stages of development by John Shedletsky. The focus of this project is to develop a graphical roguelike with an intuitive user interface that does not require the user to memorize several hundred key combos, learn to use a macro language, or constantly refer to external help files.

Witherwyn is the spiritual descendant of such great games as Castle of the Winds and Yoda Stories.

Witherwyn is written in C#. It's source is freely available.

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User Feedback

Feel free to post any comments or criticisms of Witherwyn here (keeping in mind the Alpha-ness of this project).