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YioRPG is a simplistic coffee-break roguelike with basic but fun gameplay, and simple graphics.

Features include:

  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • Randomly generated monsters and monster names
  • Monsters behave like you are one of them, instead of you being their primary target.
  • Graphical

The game is pretty basic at the moment, and is still in heavy development.

Current game goal is to kill the Hell Bear, a powerful end-game entity. In order to do this player needs to become stronger by grinding through previous dungeon levels and gathering more powerful equipment. Also in game you can trade with traders, it's the best way to become dangerous warrior. You can buff weapons and armor with different buffs.

Version History

Version 0.34

  • Health Boost potions - +Max HP
  • Scrolls of Enchanting
  • Monsters now have levels
  • New Monster introduced.

Version 0.35

  • Changed balance completely
  • Monsters now drop loot
  • New items (blood set)
  • Save feature

Version 0.46

Many versions were made between 0.35 and this but they all lie on my computer not uploaded.

  • Event Ticker improved
  • New monsters
  • New Items
  • Buff system added
  • Random events
  • Trading




You can download last version here http://www.mediafire.com/?rctup7y6bcmvu9v