7DRL Challenge 2018

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The 2018 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invited developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. The challenge dates were set for 3-11 March 2018. This was the first 7DRL Challenge to be hosted on itch.io


Competition tags

On Wordpress, the tag 7DRL 2018 is for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, the hashtag #7DRL is for competition related status updates.

Finished entries

Following is a list of the finished entries, sorted by average rating granted by the review committee. Complete info and playable builds for the entries can be found at the itch.io page.


Traditionally all 7DRLs are reviewed and rated by an expert committee. The reviews for 2018's entries can be found here: http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2018/


Challengers:      487
Winners:          112
Failed:            33
Runaways:         342