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Developer Kyzrati
Theme Sci-Fi
Influences Cogmind
Released March 11, 2018
Updated April 20, 2018
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Coffee-break
Official site of POLYBOT-7

POLYBOT-7 is a coffeebreak roguelike


You are POLYBOT-7, the latest in a line of fully-modular robot designs being put through The Gauntlet.

Tactical positioning is crucial since you're not only under fire from other robots, you also automatically attract and attach nearby components until your slots are full--everything from various power sources and propulsion units to numerous types of utilities and weapons.

Your parts will be destroyed, but you can blast other robots to pieces and let the salvage fly over to equip you, or find caches of even better parts to really show them what you're made of!

If you're good enough, on your way through The Gauntlet take on additional challenges to acquire upgrades that expand your number of available slots until you finally have space for up to a couple dozen different components at once.


POLYBOT-7 was developed as a project for the 2018 7DRL challenge, based on the source of a much bigger project. For more information and development details, see the release announcement on the dev blog. The blog also contains a four-part postmortem complete with in-depth details about the dev process and reasoning behind design decisions made along the way.

At the end of the year, POLYBOT-7 also made a Best Free Games of 2018 list on PC Gamer.

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Combat and movement sample in tiles mode:


Inventory sorting, and the Purge mechanic:


Fullscreen view, default tiles mode:


Fullscreen view, ASCII mode: