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:: ARMcore ::
PreAlpha v0.0
Developer Jose Luis Nunez
Theme Fantasy
Influences A Priori
Licensing Undeclared
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux
Interface Keyboard
Game Length Undetermined
Official Site


I'm not sure whether I should treat this article as a real encyclopedia article, complete with prestige and faux snobbery. Really this is just the beginnings of my roguelike project page. I've got no official website, as of yet, and have yet to even produce an alpha version of the game. Thus, it seems silly to me to pretend that this project is fully formed, and ready to be talked about in high, pretentious tones and tongues.

Nevertheless, I must put something in the article, at least the bare minimum.

Notable Features

  1. Tileless Dungeon Generation
  2. Implicit and Explicit combat mechanisms
  3. Chain Invokations
  4. Automatic Context Actions

About the Developer

I'll fill this in later. Thanks for browsing. :)