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Alpha Project
Developer RylandAlmanza
Theme Fantasy Sillyness
Released 5/29/2012
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Haskell
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Pixels
Game Length Average
Official site of AtomicRogue


AtomicRogue is an attempt at making a fully featured roguelike where all tiles are represented as single pixels. I haven't really thought about anything else. I don't know what the gameplay will be like, or what the goal will be. Right now, you can walk around and bump into walls. The dungeons are randomly generated using Diffusion-limited aggregation. Source code is available at but it's very messy, as I just started learning haskell, so I wouldn't recommend using it for anything.


Current features include:

More to come. :)


atomicrogue2.png atomicrogue3.png atomicrogue4.png atomicrogue5.png