Cave Chop

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Cave Chop
Developer Martin Read
Theme fantasy
Influences Rogue
Released 17 March 2012
Updated N/A
Licensing BSD
P. Language C
Platforms Linux
Interface ASCII
Game Length ~30 minutes
Official site of Cave Chop

Cave Chop is a 7DRL by Martin Read, released in fulfillment of the 7DRL Challenge 2012. It is a derivative work of Martin's Dungeon Bash version 1.7. Note: the official web site is currently just a gitweb interface.

Like Martin's Dungeon Bash, the objective of Cave Chop is to kill monsters and dive deeper. The level layout method is very different to Martin's Dungeon Bash, however; each level is an open cave (carved by a random walk). There are new items, and the identification subgame has been abolished in the name of junk reduction.