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Alpha Project
Developer Joshua R. Hard (RogueGamer)
Theme Fantasy (Dungeon)
Released August 6, 2012
Updated August 12, 2012
Licensing Freeware / Open-source
P. Language Java (Processing)
Platforms Windows, Mac, and Linux
Official site of Cooplike

Cooplike (from "coop / cooperative" and "roguelike") is a graphical roguelike work-in-progress. It features a cooperative gameplay mode for two players on one computer. Right now, there is little more than an infinite dungeon full of human opponents wielding a variety of specialized weapons. Very few features have been implemented so far; for instance, mages have no magic. Cooperative and solo modes "work," at least as well as they can work during the alpha stage.

More information can be found on the development blog.

Downloads can be found on the project's SourceForge page.

This game is no longer in development.