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Developer Paal Trefall, Sebastian Boutin Blomfield, Maurizio Scuiar, Bill Lowe, Ian Buckley, Gavin Philips, Petur Agust]
Theme [Fantasy]
Influences Roguelike Radio, Hearthstone
Released 13. March 2016
Updated Hotfix 4
P. Language Unity3D 5.3.3 / C#
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Interface Mouse-only + Keyboard-movement
Game Length 15-30 minutes

Darkyr was made for 7drl 2016.

The game controls a bit like XCOM, but with a lone character and a play at your own pace philosophy. The tactical space focus around trigger mechanics, like Hearthstone, giving the game depth through the synergies that emerge from hordes of monsters, unfriendly heroes and fantastical spells. P?l Trefall - Framework & Gameplay code (spent 6 days). Sebastian Boutin Blomfield - Procedural code (spent 4 days). Maurizio Scuiar - Monster code (spent 2 days). Bill Lowe - Art (spent 2 days). Ian Buckley - Sound (spent 5 days). Gavin Philips - Writing (spent 1 day). Petur Agust - Some last minute icons (spent 1 hour).


Must currently Alt+F4 to exit the game to desktop (yes, we never intended you to stop playing).

Download at itch.io