Dice Mines

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Dice Mines
Developer Trystan Spangler
Released 2014 Mar
Updated 2014 Mar
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Haxe
Platforms All
Interface Emulated ascii
Game Length 30 minutes
Official site of Dice Mines

Dice Mines is a coffeebreak roguelike


About Dice Mines

You can recruit up to 8 people to adventure in the Dice Mines. There’s dice to pickup, items to find, enemies to kill, and lava to fall in. There’s no real goal but it does keep score. Each person has their own personality, preferences, items, and abilities.

There's also dice. They are used as your base stats (eg, attack = 2d4+2), item stats (eg. defense = 2d2-1), and can be carried in your inventory and used for special abilities like jumping and spell casting.

It’s playable in your browser but you should probably download the Flash Standalone Player and use that instead.


  • A party of self-controlled allies who stay sorta near you.
  • Dice.
  • Special abilities.