Dungeon Fray

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Dungeon Fray
Stable game
Developer Nitesh Gupta
Theme Fantasy
Influences DCSS, Desktop Dungeons
Released March 9, 2013 ({{{relver}}})
Updated March 17, 2013 ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Mouse, Keyboard, Graphical
Game Length
Official site of Dungeon Fray

About Game

Dungeon Fray is a fast paced roguelike game. The game features three playable classes, randomly generated levels, turn based combat and unlockable achievements and perks.


Three playable classes - Fighter, Mage and Rogue

Randomly generated levels, random monsters and random loot

8 Levels in story mode plus infinite mode

9 different spells to aid you in combat

Unlockable achievements and perks


Available for Windows and Linux




Demo: http://www.dungeonfray.com/p/try-demo.html

Full version: http://www.dungeonfray.com/p/buy-dungeon-fray.html