Everything Is Fodder

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Everything Is Fodder
Developer Jeff Lait
Theme dungeon crawl
Influences ADOM, Megatron
Released 2017
Updated 2017 (7drl)
Licensing open source (BSD), freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Graphical tiles (which are of characters!), Keyboard
Game Length half hour
Official site of Everything Is Fodder


The evil demon lord Ba'zlbub has been tracked to the City of a Thousand Rooms. Being a demon, it is not sufficient to kill him, you must also bring back his black heart so we can perform the ritual to seal him back in the Abyss.

Now, the vile beast has cast powerful magics to make him immune to all spells. However, we have found a deeper elemental magic that should work!

Take that two-wood over there... What? What do you mean silver-gilt 16th-century armchair? A flower is a flower by any other name! Pay attention!

Take that two-wood over there and "t"ransmute it into wooden coins. You can then "z"ap an elemental spell, consuming those coins to heal yourself. As you find more elements, you can reason out more spells.

Good hunting! Your foe should be found below depth 20.

Unique/rare features

  • Elemental spell system has you discover and construct your own spells.
  • Infinite dungeon
  • Magic limited not by mana, but by items.

Versions and platforms

Everything Is Fodder is written in C++ and is available for Windows, Linux. Source code is provided so it may be ported to any platform with libtcod and SDL.

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