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The most recent WebGL renderer
Being ambushed by a "Monsta" and a "Tracer" NPC (Canvas rederer)


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Ganymede Gate
Futuristic Alpha Project
Developer Chiguireitor
Theme Science Fiction, Futuristic
Influences DoomRL/Cogmind
Released Alpha 2014
Updated Dec 2014
Licensing Closed source (Will be released as BSD later)
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Browser
Interface HTML5, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length ?
Official site of Ganymede Gate
Ganymede Gate is a coffeebreak roguelike


Ganymede Gate is a multiplayer roguelike set in a solar system human base that has been invaded by a mysterious presence.


  • No need for downloads, play directly from browser
  • Multiplayer possible but not required
  • Different play modes: Turn-based, Deadline turn-based and Continuous turn-based

Recent developments

  • Changed the terminal renderer to a WebGL backend

Game architecture

The game was developed form the start to be server based. The client is just a dumb terminal with little to no logic whatsoever. All player and npc commands are processed on the server and then results are sent back to each player, but only if their Area-of-Interest (AoI) covers the results. Communication between the client and the server is all done via JSON messages (with the server->client channel being compressed with ZLib) with a very straightforward and readable format.

The reference client, implemented on HTML5, is meant to be one of the many ways to play the game, with a Unity-based port for Android and (if funds permit) iPhone.

Game modes

The game will include several game modes, so you can vary the experience you and the other players get from each of the servers:

  • Players vs. NPCs
  • Free-for-all deathmatch
  • Capture the flag
  • Domination
  • Quest mode (with a random main quest line)


NWnmINr.png Being ambushed by a "Monsta" and a "Tracer" NPC (Canvas rederer)

o7jY6lf.gif Leaving the game open for 2 days after dying, carnage ensues on a lava pool (Canvas renderer)

nGL19Z1.png River with bridges (Really Old, table renderer)