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Stable game
Developer Hexatron
Theme Fantasy
Released 2003 (?)
Updated (?)
P. Language Java
Platforms Browser
Game Length Short
Official site of HexRogue

HexRogue is a coffeebreak roguelike

A Java-based roguelike in a hexagonal format; established with alternating playable/unplayable spaces. A very simple, straight-forward version of Rogue, perfect as a coffeebreak roguelike, or introduction to the concept. Owner's site also has a Java version of classic Rogue, too.

It features a variety of room types and layouts and other alterations, as well. For example, a "hallway" layout with a horizontal, centered passage that has 10-12 rooms that connect not only through its endpoints, but also through mainly north-south passageways that all connect with the main hallway; or a 4x5 set of tinier rooms connected with more numerous passages. Passageways also connect nonadjacent rooms.

Since its walls are contained in unplayable spaces, "maze rooms" are generally fully-fledged rooms and not just scores of passageways, and some things like adjoining rooms appear as well.

Apparently, there is no downloadable version of it, though many browsers will allow you to save (index.html), which you can then play it from.

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