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|developer = [[Mario Donick]]
|developer = [[Mario Donick]]
|released = August 2006
|released = August 2006
|updated = April, 13th, 2007
|updated = 27 April 2008
|status = 0.1.110pre1 (beta 6 preview 1)
|status = 0.2 (beta 7)
|language = [[FreePascal]]
|language = [[FreePascal]]
|platforms = Windows, Linux
|platforms = Windows, Linux

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Beta Project
Developer Mario Donick
Theme Lost, Apocalyptic, Magic, Beautiful, Dark, Absurd
Influences Nethack, Angband, ADOM, Sacred, Diablo 2
Released August 2006
Updated 27 April 2008
Licensing Open Source (GPL)
P. Language FreePascal
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface SDL or Console, Keyboard
Game Length Medium
Official site of LambdaRogue


LambdaRogue is a roguelike RPG. It features 5 character classes (religions), with an unique storyline for each class.


Men and the species of Drekh'nar once lived peaceful together on Earth, both not far away from reaching the stars with spaceships. Sadly, a misunderstanding led to war before these dreams could be realized. However, after a long and bloody battle, a peace treaty was created. This treaty forced mankind to go underground, while the Drekh'nar could stay on the surface of Earth.

Since then, a century has passed and both species haven't seen each other. Mankind has still a rather prosperous civilization based on technology and computers, and even the big corporations have survived. People call their country "NeoTerr", and for years, men were supported by the great subterranean river Styx.

But suddenly, the river brings terror and pain over the country...

Current development state

The most recent version is 0.1.110pre1 (Beta 6, build: 2007-04-13), released on April 13th 2007.