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Alpha Project
Developer wire_hall_medic
Theme Fantasy
Influences Castlevania, DoomRL, Diablo II
Released September 11, 2011
Updated 0.1.2 on 9/26/11
P. Language Java
Platforms Anything that runs Java. Not optimized for handheld devices.
Interface ASCII, Mouse, Keyboard
Game Length less than an hour (eventually 1-3 hours)
Official site of Legacy

Legacy is a coffeebreak roguelike


Currently abandoned, Legacy features mouse-based controls, AI allies, and animations. The first Roguelike to be developed by wire_hall_medic.

Legacy is a Coffeebreak roguelike with the classic goal of making your way to the evil overlord's castle, and defeating him.


Long ago, a great evil arose which threatened all the civilized races with a tide of darkness and bloodshed. A lone hero stepped forward, who united the nations of men to defeat the legions of demons.

However, as soon as peace returned, the nations once again fell to waging war upon each other. In disgust, the hero declared that he would bring unity to them once an for all; that he would be their Antagonist, and disappeared into the underworld.

Now, once a generation, the Legions of The Antagonist spill forth to flood the world with their evil. Should The Antagonist be defeated, the Legions retreat, leaving the surface world to an age of peace. But should he triumph, the demons run rampant; despoiling and raiding, tearing down the works of man.


Current Features

  • Animated actions (movement, attacks, etc).
  • Multiple actions per turn; one ability, and movement up to your movement value.
  • AI allies.
  • Simplified item slots (weapon, shield, armor, 3 charms) help keep treasure drops meaningful.

Planned Features

  • Sound; ambient and triggered.
  • More map types.
  • Boss fights.
  • Tombs of previously successful heroes (including their gear . . .)
  • Exploration-based experience system.
  • Note: Legacy is currently abandoned. No further development is planned.