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MetroidRL is a coffeebreak roguelike
Beta Project
Developer Slash
Theme Futuristic
Influences Metroid series
Released 2006 Oct 25
Updated 2006 Nov 01 (0.71)
Licensing Closed Source, Freeware
P. Language Java
Platforms Java
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of MetroidRL


MetroidRL was an entry for the 2006 October 7DRL programming initiative and is a project in continuous development

Please e-mail bug reports and RFEs to

The game supports midi and mp3 music and wav special effects.

The latest release version is v. 0.71 dated November 1th 2006


  • Use Spacebar to fire your beam, 's' to charge and 'd' to jump.
  • If you get lost on the screen, use 'L' to identify the icons.
  • Use F1 to bring up the help screen
  • Hit the enemies to destroy them and recover energy and weapons.
  • When you reach the base, you can go through any of four ellevators. Each one leads to a different area of the base. Use the base Decks as a recovery area if needed.


Planet Janus Alpha (Codename x86.2)

Contact with Galactic Federation Weaponry research facility has been lost 3 days ago.

Four scout ships sent to investigate the problem have been shot down by federation fire and a disruption field has covered the area surrounding the base, preventing long range scanners to detect activity.

Galactic Commander Adam Becgim, appointed leader of the base, has been preliminary judged as a rebel to the federation.

The base was built over a plasma shaft that goes deep into the planet; spontaneous bursts of plasma energy have been detected on the stratos of the planet, indicating possible activity from the base. Also, a class V unidentified space craft landed near the base 1 day ago.

Intergalatic hunter Samus Aran, a girl covered in mystery.

You have been assigned a mission: to land safely on X86.2 planet, infiltrate the base, neutralize the menace and recover secrets weaponry research sensitive material, under development on the 4 different areas of the base:

   * ATO: Nuclear Research Facility
   * BAC: Biological War Research
   * CHE: Toxic Refinery
   * GEN: Genetics Research Lab

You board your gunship and begin your journey to the planet


  • Nonlinear advancement: You must explore the base in order to overcome the different obstacles you will find.
  • No experience levels: All advancement is based on the suit upgrades you find
  • Tactical Combat: Use your available suit upgrades wisely
  • Randomly generated levels
  • 2.5D, a simulation of 3D on a 2D space
  • Samus suit and enemies based on the Metroid series


MetroidRL requires Sun Java 1.4.2 or higher, which is probably already installed in your computer. Get Java Now!

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