Rise of Kramora

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Rise of Kramora
Beta Project
Developer Slash
Theme Fantasy
Influences Ananias
Released 2016 March 14
Updated 2016 March 21
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Java
Platforms Android Wear, Android
Interface Graphics, Smartwatch
Game Length 30 minutes
Official site of Rise of Kramora



Rise of Kramora was Slash's entry for 2016 7DRL Challenge. It saw some minor development afterwards (just to port it to phones).

Months of meditation in the darkness of the Pits of the Dead have at least provided enlightenment: There is only one way to save this decadent world from itself: summoning the Great Serpent Kramora to exterminate all life, and let new life arise…

All of your life, you have studied scrolls of magic and ancient history which now point you towards your fate: You must climb the Tower of Sephira, the stronghold of the Holy Order of Ananias which relentlessly guards the Ancient Tome of Kramora. Will you be able to overcome the defenders of Order?

Rise of Kramora is a lightweight roguelike designed to be played on Android Wear smartwatches. Explore the Tower of Sephira finding weapons, armor and potions, and vanquish your enemies in melee combat or using magic spells.

As you climb the tower, enemies get more and more difficult but you’ll also get stronger. Can you reach Floor 25 and create a new world?