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The Roguebasin is a wiki that seeks to become the main depot of all information regarding Traditional Roguelikes, including a collection of the existing projects and games, an encyclopedia of genre-related topics, a directory of developers, and a collection of development tips and articles.

The RogueBasin thus seeks to be an up-to-date and complete repository of all information regarding the roguelike subgenre, fuelled by the cooperative efforts of all roguelike developers and players around the globe.


January 16, 2005. Slash set up the first version of roguebasin using a long-gone service called, imagine it being a predecessor of wikia /, only much less stable and feature-full. It soon went down and become unreliable as the people of r.g.r.d. jumped in to contribute, but it worked well enough to gather the attention of the community.

January 26, 2005. DarkGod offered to host roguebasin at’s server. “The basin is a good idea, and I’d hate to see it fade away, the RL community needs something like that!“. He alongside Pav set up the first mediawiki installation, the foundations of the current roguebasin.

August 2, 2006. After being battered by spambots for a while, the wiki was no longer accepting new user accounts except thru a cumbersome manual process. We decided we had to change how it was operating so someone could take better care of the technical setup of the wiki. It was finally moved to, the domain of the long-time roguelike developer Björn Ritzl, who would host it for almost 15 years.

June 19, 2011, RogueBasin was moved by Björn to a new and more reliable web host and the domain was set up.

August 2011: Registrations had to be disabled again due to large spambot attacks and seemingly inefficient captcha protection. Slash, was entrusted as the technical maintainer for the wiki, having enhancing spambot protection as its first goal.

By 2021, there had been many reports of the wiki being too slow or going down sometimes. Björn handed over the hosting to Slash, who took as a priority updating from 2012's MediaWiki 1.19 and migrating to a more private hosting where we could scale resources as needed.

June 17, 2021. After almost 10 years of the last server movement, Roguebasin has been migrated from hosting to its own Virtual Machine at DigitalOcean, and upgraded to MediaWiki 1.36.0 + PHP 7.4.3. This has fixed the performance issues.