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Not to be confused with SuperRogue.

Stable game
Developer Thomas_Strasser
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue,Ultima
Released 2010 (1.0)
Updated ()
Licensing freeware
P. Language Borland C,cc65,c
Platforms DOS, Linux, Commodore 64, Nes, Atari ST
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of SRogue

SRogue is a simple coffeebreak roguelike game. There are no spells, instead you can mix reagents (like in ultima) and use them. Furthermore there is one overview map and 5 dungeons with 5 levels. In almost each dungeon you learn a new recipe, which may be necessary to reach another dungeon. One dungeon contain a staff. You can recharge the staff with your mixtures. You can search reagents with the 'g' key or the 'get' command on a specfic tile (stone (= ^), water (= ~), wood (= *), ...).

  • Note: You can't cross deep water until you learned a special mixture.
  • Note2: Keep in mind, using a mixture to cross a specific tile (e.g. stone) lasts only a few turns (!)


  • 1 Overview Map
  • 5 Dungeons with 5+ Levels