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Stable game
Developer Daniel M. Lawrence
Theme Fantasy
Influences Dungeons and Dragons, DND
Released 1982 (?)
Updated (?)
Licensing Commercial (previously), Freeware
P. Language Basic, (later) C
Platforms Commodore 64, (later) DOS
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard
Game Length Open-ended
Official site of Telengard

Originally written for the Commodore 64, it was later ported to the PC by its author, Daniel M. Lawrence.

Telengard started as a commercial port of Lawrence's earlier title DND, but features a number of significant departures from it. Among them:

  • The dungeon have been completely redesign. The C64 and PC version also features different layouts form each-other.
  • A graphical display in place of DND's ASCII visuals. Since the graphics are bigger than the ASCII icons less of the map can be shown at a time, but the new level designs take this into account.
  • There is only a single class. It is a combination of DND's three classes having descent fighting capabilities as well as both offensive and defensive magic.
  • A simple real-time system: If the player goes about 5 seconds without entering a command the game will automatically choose the Stay (s) command. Outside of battle this will result in an encounter with an enemy or the discovery of an item. In battle it lets the enemy attack without the player's character taking any actions.

A Windows remake by Travis Baldree of the C64 version of Telengard is also available.